Seer Seeker


this meme was too silly for me to pass it up. Sorry
I won’t lie, I did it mostly for the Stoick pic =D

Brave bluray menu screen


this dragon is a feast for the eyes


All I was going to say, mother, is that I know what kind of AU I want to make now….



Merida + hands in her hair (x)

The King of Nightmares, everyone.
The King of Nightmares, everyone.

Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

Dir. Hayao Miyazaki


BIG HERO 6 CLIPS - MEET THE TEAM with Tadashi, Hiro, Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Wasabi and Fred

Not following already? Just imagine what you’ve been missing!



DreamWorks Meme: [1/1] Medium:

"The concept of today’s level of 3D CGI animation is an evolution from basic cartoon animation into a simulated world that seeks to represent realism as accurately as possible. It does this by slicing up the world into the smallest segments possible, and then controlling how those tiny parts of real world objects move, react and change based on the other objects and conditions within that 3D world.”

Nice, but wait.

Where’s Mr. Peabody and Sherman!?!

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